Our Company


The key to growth lies in anticipating customer needs and gearing ourselves to offer comprehensive & competitive solutions.

Principles which drive us ahead are

  • Quality & Safety
  • Cost
  • Delivery
  • Services
  • Social Responsibility

The journey that began in 1988 with a single production line, GPP has now spread across 4 plants at 3 locations in India, wide product range. Our products includes precision power train components, chassis parts, EV parts, precision castings & forgings like:

  • Push Rods
  • Rocker Arms
  • Rocker Arm Shaft Assemblies
  • Tappets/ Lifter Valves
  • Valve Bridges
  • Hydraulic Lash Adjusters
  • EBS Mechanism
  • Shafts & Pins
  • Injector Clamps
  • U - Bolts
  • Adjusting screw & Elephant foot assembly
  • Precision Castings
  • Precision Forgings
  • EV Power Trains (Being introduced)



Excellence is a way of life at GPP

Our constant endeavor is to adopt most efficient global practices to meet ever-evolving customer needs. We offer best quality comprehensive solutions for Valve Train Components, forging & casting products, chassis components and soon to be introduce electric vehicle power train. GPP is Spread across four production plants on an area of 39,500 sq. mtr., with excellent manufacturing facilities like CNC & VMC centresHeat treatment, Induction Hardening, Standard room, Nitriding, phosphating, Grinding, EBS & HLA leak of test, CNC & VMC centers, centerless grinding, cylindrical grinding, upsetting, projection welding, heat treatment, vertical & horizontal induction hardening, nitriding, phosphating, pin pressing with nitrogen cooling process, forging & casting. These are supported by fully equipped standard room, ultra sonic cleaning facilities & HLA leak-off test


We have established our Own Research & Development centre, approved by Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DISR), Govt. of India to develop new processes in-house, new products based on evolving technologies to upgrade the quality level while at the same time remaining cost competitive.It also enable us in continual improvement in the products through innovation & design upgradation for our customers.

GPP strives to deliver the highest levels of quality across product line to its customers. Extensive quality checks at each stage of production employing a vast range of quality control equipment like contour graph, surface roughness tester, profile projector 50X metallurgical microscope, magnetic crack detector, hardness testing machines, vickers hardness tester, micro vickers hardness tester, vernier height gauges, millipore tester, eddy current sorter, magnetic gauss meter, tensile testing machine, tangential load testing machine, CMM, roundness tester, particle analyzer for technical cleanness etc. set our quality apart.

We have developed various practices for continous improvement and some of these are

  • Online SPC
  • TPMgt TM
  • Six sigma initiative
  • Use of ERP system
  • Digitalization of machines
  • Self certified production lines
  • Total preventive maintenance
  • Optimizing productivity through Kaizen practices
  • Process improvement through VDA 6.3 approach
  • Process cost reduction by automation & tool management