Precision Forgings

GPP India has established a solid reputation in the production of forged precision components. All valve train parts, including the rocker arm, rocker support, valve bridge, tappet and other components such as injector clamp, balancer shaft and idler shaft, are produced using a Press forging technique. With many years of experience, we are precision forging experts and can meet a variety of market demands. We have our production processes under one roof, from forging and heat treatments to final machining.


  • Rocker Arm
  • Rocker Support
  • Valve Bridge
  • Injector Clamp
  • Idler Shaft
  • Balancer Shaft


  • Single piece flow forging line with EPS (Electronic Power Screw) Press Technology
  • Plant layout and all processes from die design to final product have been designed and implemented under the guidance of international experts. Traceability is maintained by every heat.


GPP India has capacity of 1500 tonnes per annum with component weight from 0.05 kgs to 3 kgs.