Push Rods

Over the years, Ghaziabad Precision Products (GPP) India has built a solid reputation as a reliable Push Rod manufacturer in India. We are top manufacturers of several push rod types, including forged (solid), projection welded (tubular), and press fit, employing steel round bar, CEW tube, and aluminum rod or tube as carriers and selling directly to OEMs as 'Tier1' suppliers. Push Rods are provided for use in diesel engines for heavy horsepower, on-road and off-road vehicles, generators, tractors, small engines and diesel segments. Our customers can choose from a large selection of Push Rods of the highest quality from us.


SOLID (Forged)

  • Induction Hardened
  • Direct Hardened

WELDED (Projection Welded)

  • Cup and ball, with & without drilled holes
  • Both side balls, with & without drilled holes


Interference press fit with cup & ball ends using steel & aluminum tube rod as carrier


  • Forged Push Rod is produced with upsetting & forging process with critical machining on CNC machine and induction/direct hardening.
  • Projection welded Push Rod is subjected to stringent quality checks for tangential load, torsion load, buckling load with control on weld width ensuring no crack on weld joint and meeting all metallurgical, microstructure requirements.
  • Press fit Push Rod is processed with help of PLC controlled machine and load cell to ensure minimum and maximum pull-out force to meet the design requirement.


GPP India has capacity to produce 12 million Push Rods per annum


  • Heat treatment processes are Induction Hardening, Direct Hardening, Tempering, Gas Carburizing, and Nitriding. Surface hardness and case depth control are maintained for each Heat Code along with customer-specific requirements for microstructure.