34-year Journey of Accomplishments of Ghaziabad Precision Products

34-year Journey of Accomplishments of Ghaziabad Precision Products

06 Oct, 2022

Ghaziabad Precision Products (GPP) was founded in the year 1988 with the goal of creating an engineering conglomerate. Push Rod, Rocker Shaft Assembly, Rockers Arms, Shaft, Valve Bridge, Valve Tappet, Balancer shafts, Injector clamps, HLA/EBS and critical Casting / Forging duly machined for Automotive/Non-Automotive application in accordance to meet Euro VI emission norms are just a few examples of the valve train components that GPP is a world-class manufacturer of. As a Tier-1 Supplier, GPP also supplies directly to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).

Throughout its 34-year journey, GPP has made strides in R&D (research & development) and manufacturing while winning competitions. A couple of its accomplishments and examples of manufacturing power are mentioned below:

World Class Manufacturer of Rocker Shaft Assembly

The full rocker shaft assembly, which consists of the rocker arms, rocker shaft, rocker brackets, rocker support, adjustment screws, and other essential child parts, is something that GPP proudly boasts as being a world-class manufacturer of.

Winner of Zero Defect Competition

GPP was undoubtedly the most deserving winner of the “Zero Defect Competition” organized by Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited on July 22, 2022, in Khadki, Pune.

Push Rod Production

GPP has been producing 18 million push rods annually through forging, projection welding, and shrink fit routes and supplying to OEMs directly as a Tier 1 supplier. Hence, GPP is dedicated to exceeding all OEM customers' expectations for quality, safety, cost, and delivery by providing the highest quality, highly precise parts. With OEMs (original equipment manufacturing), GPP has been rated "Zero" PPM (i.e. zero defects in one million parts).

GPP Make in India initiative

GPP has taken a number of actions to provide precise components for the defence industry, keeping in mind the Honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi's goal of making India self-reliant in the manufacturing sector, particularly the defence industry. GPP’s serious and sincere efforts have paid off, and the company has begun delivering push rods and other engine parts to the sector involved in the production of defence equipment. This is a positive step that will make a huge difference in creating an Atmnirbhar Bharat.

The company wants to increase the accessibility of top-notch precision components and services in order to significantly reduce disruptions in global supply chains. They are certain that a highly motivated team of professionals will work diligently and passionately to accomplish this goal.


While being a top-tier and zero-defect manufacturer of precision components, GPP has made its mark in the field of manufacturing. The company continuously strives to adopt the most efficient global practices and policies to deliver high-quality goods, such as valve train engine components and assemblies, to reputable original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) only, in both domestic and foreign markets, including Fortune 500 companies.

A great deal of attention has been given to R&D centres and quality control systems in GPP. The modern product and process development center was created to tackle difficult market challenges and speed up innovation. Possessing the most advanced technology in the world for metallurgy, sub-micron measurement, and precision production, the company is able to rapidly-produce a tailored solution from concept to market that gives the customers a considerable competitive edge. The company uses a wide variety of quality control tools to carry out thorough quality checks at every stage of production.

Ghaziabad Precision Products (GPP) is a world-class valve train manufacturing company that offers smart technology and comprehensive solutions for valve train components, casting products, chassis components, and engineering springs. GPP is equipped with the latest advanced machinery and auto equipment in hot forging, projection welding, spring end grinding, precision machining, hardening & tempering, shot peening, and so much more. It believes in delivering the best quality at the lowest competitive cost and strives for excellence while delighting its customers in whatever it does. We ensure that the smallest details of each customer's requirements are attended to by dedicated teams of skilled professionals. For us, consumer satisfaction serves as a yardstick for gauging our progress.